About Me

My love affair with photography began in 2007 when I was in my final year of Journalism school at Montreal’s Concordia University. I was a storyteller, that much I knew, I just didn’t know what form or what medium felt most right to me. And then I met this guy, a photographer who worked for the magazine I was interning for, and within a few months of meeting him I found myself in love with both him and photography.

Looking back I realize that I was always a photographer. I used to borrow my parents’ camera to take photos of my toys for fun, and I dressed up, posed, and photographed my younger sister on more than one occasion when we were growing up (she continues to be a muse for me today, and you might see her face more than once in my portrait portfolio).

Over the last decade that guy I met who introduced me to photography became my business partner, my husband, and the father to my kids. Together we make up Davina + Daniel, wedding photography focussed on emotion, moment, and connection. Our career has taken us all over the world, to photograph weddings in over 25 countries including Vietnam, Italy, Bhutan, Guatemala, Ireland, Hawaii and many more. We’ve been fortunate enough to teach workshops and speak at conferences around the world, including India, Brazil, and Spain, and our work has received international recognition in print and online, and awards by reputable organizations including Fearless Photographers, International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, Masters of Wedding Photography North America, and The Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada.

Today we divide our time between our home in the country in the Eastern Townships, as well as Montreal where our post-production company The Image Salon operates, and the rest of world which we continue to explore with our son Max and daughter Charlie.

Self-portrait of Davina and Max, in 2015 when the motherhood project began

About the Motherhood Project


On Mothers' day 2014, I became a mother. I didn't realize it at the time, but by giving birth to my son, I was joining one of the largest and most diverse clubs in the world: Motherhood.

I soon discovered that membership to this club meant experiencing virtually every emotion imaginable; from the most indescribable joys to the deepest, darkest fears. Luckily, the other club members know these feelings too, and while there can be a lot of judgement and disagreement about how to be the ideal member, for the most part I've found the sisterhood to be very inclusive, accepting, and comforting.

Motherhood. Not all want to join the club, and not all who desire to join have the privilege of being admitted. 
I am lucky to be part of it, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

These images and interviews were created and conducted as part of my on-going personal project on motherhood. What shape or form this project may take over the years to come is still a mystery to me, but I felt compelled to speak to and photograph these mothers and their children, and I look forward to continuing to document what motherhood looks and feels like for many more women in the future.

- Davina K, 29

Mom to Max, 20 months (at the time this photo was taken)


Update: My daughter Charlie made me a mother for the second time in 2016, and somehow doubled my heart in size!